Electrical Wire Reels
Copper and Aluminum Bus Bar
We can supply you full lengths, cut to size, bent, punched or even tapped.
Nema 1 Screw Cover
This box was hot dip galvanized then the outside of the body and cover are coated in black PVC.
Nema 1 Hinge Cover
Two Nema 1s joined together, both with white steel back panels.
Custom Gutters
Nema 1 gutters used for housing wiring.
Nema 3R Double Door Hinge Cover
This box was made from thick diamond plate aluminum, with a T-handle.
Custom Guards (In Green)
Guards were made to cover belt and painted to match the base color.
2 Section Relay House with Sun Sheilds
This is used to house critical electrical equipment designed to stand most elements.
6 Section Relay House
This is used to house critical electrical equipment designed to stand most elements.
Nema 3R Double Door Hinge Cover (Green)
This enclosure had a security pipe added to prevent break-in.
NEMA 3R open back and bottom with no return flange
Used to cover existing object that was running into a wall.
Window kits
To cover enclosure opens.
NEMA 12 with swingout panel and backpanels
The entire inside was painted white along with the panels. Used to house critical electronics.
Large NEMA 3R Open Bottom (8.5' Tall x 11' Wide x 8' Deep)
Due to its size the was broken down into multiple sections that were assembled prior to shipping. This particular enclosure was used to house a large pump.
Large NEMA 3R Double Door Enclosure
Two windows kits, a stainless steel swing panel with dozens of cut outs and a sloped roof.
NEMA 12 Freestand Two Door
The enclosure had a divider install so both sections were separate. One section had a wood back panel added.
Custom Aluminum Panels
No description.
Nema 12 Two Hinged Doors
Stainless Steel #304 enclosure with a steel backpanel painted white.
La Max Enclosure
No Description.
Nema 12 Enclosure
Painted Beige with custom knockouts on cover.
Aluminum Racks and Shelves
Nema 12 - 60" High x 48" Wide x 16" Depth
Free standing - double door hinge cover with overlapping doors
12" high legs - 1 Plexiglas window in each door
2 swing-out panels painted white
Nema 4X - 10" High x 12" Wide x 8" Depth
Flush hinge cover with 2" flange
Nema 12 - Stainless Steel Enclosure with Stainless Casters

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